Blog Entry One

Describe in a short paragraph the single most important insight or understanding that has come to you from your study of literature this week.

During this week, I have learnt to appreciate the power of language through engaging with texts and breaking down their use of literary techniques and forms to deconstruct meaning and develop a greater understanding of Shakespeare’s texts.

This is particularly the case with our unit in Shakespeare as Shakespeare embodies many literary techniques in his play to engage his audience and construct meaning of his texts. I have developed this particularly during Michael’s lectures and tutorials as he takes specific sonnets and scenes from the play, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and helps us break it down to understand how language works to form meaning and universal ideas about love, beauty etc. I have found our tutorial sessions particularly useful as we work together to read and deconstruct what Shakespeare is trying to convey to his audience. All of this has been especially useful to me because reading Shakespeare at first can always be daunting as he is writing for a different time period and the language he uses can come across as difficult to understand and thus, making his plays and sonnets difficult to appreciate.  However, breaking down the lines bit by bit allows us to understand the ideas Shakespeare is conveying and thus, appreciate the power of language.

Therefore, my biggest understanding this week has been looking specifically at how language works in Shakespeare’s texts to appreciate what the texts are meaning to convey. I hope that through improving my ability to analyse Shakespeare’s works, I will develop a greater understanding of his plays and sonnets and thus, improve my appreciation of his works – something, which I am already finding myself doing.